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MicroBotox for Wrinkles, Pores and Rosacea

Microbotox Mechanism on Muscles

“Microbotox” is another delivery mechanism of botox that classically travels to the neuromuscular junction, binding first to a high-affinity presynaptic receptor, which permits entry into the presynaptic nerve terminal through receptor-mediated endocytosis into an endosome. The component heavy and light chains dissociate by disulfide bond breakage, and the zinc-dependent (why it is important to take Zn with Botox) endoprotease—the light chain—is released into the nerve ending. A neat video on YouTube demonstrates this more fully.

Superficial non-painful use of Botox

A “microbotox” method of  meso-Botox  gives a more natural-looking effects for patients.  The method involves the systematic injection of multiple tiny blebs between the dermis and the superficial surface of the facial muscles. It is proposed that botox microinjections smooth and tighten the skin by inducing bulk atrophy of the sweat and sebaceous glands, and by weakening the superficial muscle fibers that insert into the skin, thus reducing the pulling and tethering effects of the facial muscles that result in fine lines and wrinkles. Using microbotox, or injections of dilute botox thus prevents diffusion into deeper muscles, which can lead to a “frozen” appearance. An additional advantage is that decreased sweat and sebaceous gland activity improves the appearance of the skin especially the forehead.

Not only can it help with pores but appears to regulate inflammation as well, so it can help rosacea and even the healing of scars. The mechanism is not clear but it is thought botox inhibits fibroblast proliferation (and hence collagen production) and downregulates expression of α-smooth muscle actin and myosin II proteins, which are found in fibroblasts, all in a dose-dependent fashion. This was not observed in fibroblasts isolated from normal skin. Also, an inhibition of the inflammatory cytokine transforming growth factor (TGF)-β1 and connective tissue growth factor were also noted.

All that to say we use Botox for may things at Landmark Aesthetics. We have a unique and painless botox treatment that can help your pores and oil production as well as wrinkles. We also use it for teeth grinding or bruxism as well as scar recovery from acne and recent surgeries. It works very well with our 4D and post procedure Profound.

A large portion of the information was taken from PubMed  article PMC5434494.


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