Tattoo Removal


The Star Walker uses 4 wavelengths (1064, 650, 585, 532 nm) to treat a wide variety of colors found in tattoos. Each color has it own wavelength of absorption of light and thus you need a specific wavelength to break the color apart with the least amount of injury to tissue. Other spots in the skin like age spots, malasma, hemangiomas or small veins can be treated in a similar manner. One treatment for the "age spots" on the chest, hands or face can be treated very well with green toning done by the 532 nm wavelength on our StarWalker.

Star Walker MaQX

The Star Walker also places “micro holes or FracTAT” in the skin to allow the nitrogen to escape and prevent the scatter of the light beams that are necessary to get the pigment out. More passes in one session means greater pigment release, while still allowing for less tissue destruction and shorter intervals till next treatment.


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