Post Covid problems related to the world of aesthetics

Several problems that we deal with before Covid are exacerbated by Covid and probably even the vaccines themselves.Covid and the vaccine, secondarily to the spike protein presentation, result in pro-inflammatory conditions. Things that are pro-inflammatory that we deal with include obesity, or being overweight, or not able to lose weight. Hormone problems like decreased androgens in males, and thyroid disease certainly more prevalent in females, and adrenal fatigue from stress and inflammation. Additionally, allergic reactions to pellet insertion, as well as fillers and probably threads and possibly even Botox can occur.

Pregnelone is a parent steroid hormone that either makes cortisol which is important for stress, or shunts to production of the sex hormones. In the post infection stage of Covid, even possibly a problem for recent vaccination, there may be less sex hormones available, and thus attendant problems. If you’re feeling run down it might be good to check your thyroid and your sex hormones with lab work which can be done at landmark for minimal cost. Using some of the medication’s that are used for diabetes may be very helpful for weight control in this time which is pro-inflammatory and also boosting your androgen or hormones.

The extrusion rate of pellets has been reported to be much higher and probably relates to the fact that people are having this done shortly after Covid or vaccination and there is more inflammation and pain associated with this. Some of this can be helped by delaying insertion after Covid recovery or distance from vaccination. Also a steroid shot at the time of insertion may prevent some of the inflammatory response and possible extrusion.

If you’re having post Covid symptoms, which can be quite diverse, give us a call or make an appointment for evaluation. We do have several treatment options that have been helping people and it is worth looking into if your symptoms are not resolving. Here’s a brief list of common symptoms: Fatigue in about 50%, persistent headaches in about 40%, and attention deficit in about 25%, and hair loss in up to 25%. There are many others up to 50 in the literature.

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