Hair Transplant

By age 50, 85% of men have significant thinning of hair. It is related to the effect of testosterone on certain hairs that are sensitive to the male hormone, and your genetics that come from the mother’s side of the family. Women can also be treated, but it is not as often needed. Grafted hair that is resistant to the effects of testosterone can be moved to replace those that were lost. At Landmark Aesthetics not only do we offer follicular unit graft transplant, but we also optimize the results by Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix, red light therapy, and Hair Medica products. There is minimal downtime associated with your treatments, which can be handled well over a long weekend. You can get back to your daily routine in about a week, even though the hair is still not actively growing.

The day of the procedure can be lengthy, and the use of the NeoGraft device facilitates the extraction and implantation of the hair follicles so the surgeon and staff can focus on the outcome of the procedure. At Landmark Aesthetics we utilize transplant techs that have years of experience and implantation records from some of the largest clinics in the US, thus bringing the best options for treatment to your neighborhood.


It’s a minimally invasive procedure for hair restoration (no stitches or staples). There is little-to-no discomfort (no scalpel involved). The recovery time is quick (patients resume normal activity after only a few days). The hair line is natural-looking (no linear scar). Landmark Aesthetics uses Care Credit and offers options to finance procedures.



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