Hair Transplant

We are privileged to offer such advanced technology as NeoGraft here in Jacksonville. We can restore hair and a fuller hairline without the evidence of scar or the “doll’s hair” look of older techniques. A NeoGraft hair treatment produces little to no discomfort, requires no scalpel incision or stitches, and it does not leave an unsightly linear scar at the back of the scalp. Most patients can return to work after a few days. Small follicular units are removed by the machine and then carefully placed in a natural looking pattern by very experienced technicians.

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Non-surgical Hair Restoration

The Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) from your own platelet activation or with Acell provides a temporary non-crosslinked scaffolding for tissue reconstruction that mimics surrounding healthy yet damaged tissue. Eventually the ECM is reabsorbed after healing and regeneration by a person’s own cells and tissue resulting in fuller hair. Initially , there can be some hairs that may fall out because they were in the resting phase, while your platelets push the hair into the growing phase.

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Laser Hair Treatments

At Landmark Aesthetics we offer laser hair removal in a variety of regions for an affordable price. We use the Dynamis by Fotona that is virtually painless and good for blond hairs using non-contact 1064 nm. Occasionally, we can use an 810 diode as well. We also use LED and Erbium to stimulate hair growth in balding or thinning areas. It all depends on the type of energy and the intensity as to the result. Stop in for a free laser spot test to see how it feels.

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