Erbium SkinCollagen Rejuvenation

A laser skin procedure that targets areas with a high concentration of water. This wavelength can give some very superficial tightening of the skin that we often use with other treatments. Collagen repair can be stimulated in the mucosa to treat sleep apnea, eye bags,urinary incontinence and mid face volume loss.
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Platelet Rich Plasma - Natural Rejuvenation

At Landmark Aesthetics we use PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) for a filler effect as well as a rejuvenating effect from the platelets. The growth factors released from your own platelets can turn on your own cells to produce collagen and regrow hair. We combine PRP with our hair transplants for synergistic growth.
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Tattoo Removal/Dermal Rejuvenation

At Landmark Aesthetics we offer laser tattoo removal with a state of the art Nd:YAG laser: Star Walker MaQX . The pigment of age spots and post inflammation from skin injury can also be safely treated with this versatile energy. An adjustment to the settings allows robust collagen rejuvenation..
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Radio Frequency Wrinkle Reduction

Let us turn back time, and remove unwanted wrinkles and spots with Pelleve RF. We also use the cutting device to biopsy or remove unwanted skin cancers or suspicious lesions. Exilis also a RF and ultrasound device tightens collagen in larger areas and can target fat by parameter changes on the Exilis.
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