The BTL Exilis System treatment is ideal for any patient between the ages of 25 and 70+ looking for cosmetic improvement on their face and body. BTL Exilis System is ideal for treating wrinkles and fat. Common areas of treatment include the eye area, around the mouth, chin area, jaw line, décolleté, but any area including the arms, legs, knees, ankles, buttocks, abdomen and love handles can be treated. We all have areas of fat that we just assume is our burden to carry, but Exilis can attack those stubborn areas with a focus on fat or collagen by controlling the surface temperature and depth of RF delivery.


There is no strict ceiling for the total treatment time. Total time always depends on how many body areas are treated and/or which protocol is used. In general, standard protocol recommends 5-10 minutes of therapy for every palm-size body area (approximately 10×20 cm / 4×8 inches).


There is NO DOWN TIME associated with your treatments other than a brief period of redness and minor swelling. You can get back to your daily routine almost immediately.


BTL Exilis System is a radio frequency generated wavelength. There is no skin peeling, pigment change or prolonged healing associated with its use. The RF energy heats the undersurface of the skin causing collagen remodeling.



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