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Our mission is to enhance your natural appearance, rejuvenate your form, and revitalize your body through non-surgical laser and medical grade treatments.  With our vast array of devices, Landmark Aesthetics offers only the best medical spa services.  Daniel Baber MD is owner and director of the Laser Med Spa services. A full staff of well trained clinical nurses, aestheticians, and massage therapist will leave you rejuvenated. Landmark Aesthetics has unmatched services!

So, at Landmark we strive to understand, at a molecular level, the life healing effects in the blood and the healing power of light. Therefore, the effect of the light and blood on Stem Cells, and the restored revitalized mitochondria are crucial in this process. Rejuvenation is still present within the cells waiting to awaken and restore. Consequently, we believe that the living waters of Pishon and Gihon are still found resident in our DNA!

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Cool Sculpting


If you are asking yourself why you can’t remove fat in stubborn areas and you need a solution, then Landmark Aesthetics has the answer. With freezing via CoolSculpting and multiple fat melting radio-frequency lasers. fat reduction is possible. Also, other treatments from Fotona like TightSculpting, and Candela's Profound and Velashape III, are cellulite reducers and skin tighteners. Also,  CoolTone  will build muscle and produce toning. Landmark has every imaginable non-invasive body contouring treatment. And diet supplements and low energy laser stimulate stem cells to  rejuvenate mitochondria and  restore your form or achieve something not quite attained!

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Treat Hair

Are you wishing you had more hair? Or wished you could reduce unwanted hair? Transplanting your hair with a hair transplant is an affordable possibility. Also, HairRestore with Fotona's laser, at much lower energy than for hair removal,  will revitalize and rejuvenate the hair follicles. Stem Cells become dormant, and can be awaken with low energy lasers and your own concentrated platelets. Conversely, painless hair removal is possible with laser hair reduction treatments at Landmark as well. Also, aestheticians do waxing, even combined with laser, for hair reduction. Lastly, topical Vaniqa or eflornithine will slow the hair growth in conjunction with laser.

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rejuvenate fillers


Here at Landmark Aesthetics, we have a wide range of treatment options to help you relax or fill-up and pronounce your features. Some injectables are to plump, or just fill in wrinkles. While others rejuvenate your stem cells, causing skin cells to turnover and collagen to grow. Injectables, like BOTOX®, relax that worried, mad or sad look. BOTOX®is also used for migraines and grinding teeth! A combination of lasers, like Fotona 4D, StarWalker, and injectables like Sculptra, NovaThreads, PRP, and facials including Diamond Glow, give the best non-surgical results. Injectables when combined with lasers rejuvenate your form more than any alone!

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rejuvenate PRP


Let us turn the clock back a couple years! Lasers are used to stimulate (rejuvenate) collagen, remove tattoos and lighten other skin spots. Additonally, excisions for larger spots or pre-cancerous lesions can be done. Collagen rejuvenation,  helps with incontinence, and snoring as well as sagging face lines. Some fillers or threads, when combined with lasers, can rejuvenate your form more than either alone! Landmark offers many medical grade skin care products to reduce redness and inflammation as well.  Also, many products are used for melasma/hyperpigmentation. Laser and medical grade treatments combined obtain a more robust lightening, lifting and tightened finish.

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