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Our mission is to enhance your natural appearance, rejuvenate your form, and revitalize your body through non-surgical medical grade treatments.  With our vast array of procedures, Landmark Aesthetics offers only the best medical spa services.   Operated by a board certified physician, and with treatments administered by clinical nurses aided by state of the art laser technology, aestheticians and massage therapists our service is unmatched! We believe that the rivers of Pishon and Gihon can still be found resident in our DNA!
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If you are asking yourself why you can’t remove fat in stubborn areas and you need a solution, then Landmark Aesthetics has the answer. With freezing via CoolSculpting and now CoolTone, radio-frequency, and TightSculpting, we have every imaginable treatment available.

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Hair Treatments

Are you looking at your self in the mirror and wishing you had more hair? Or perhaps you wish you could reduce unwanted hair? Either way, we offer the best hair transplant, HairRestore with Fotona laser light and PRP, and painless rapid laser hair reduction treatments in East Texas.

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Here at Landmark Aesthetics, we have a wide range of treatment options to help you relax or fill-up and pronounce your features. Some injectables are to plump and fill in wrinkles, others stimulate your own collagen to grow, while others can relax that worried or sad look!

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Let us turn the clock back a couple years! Lasers can be used to stimulate ( rejuvenate) collagen, tattoos and other skin spots can be removed, and skin excision for larger spots or pre-cancer can be done. Collagen rejuvenation can help with incontinence, and snoring as well.

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