V-SMOOTH and TightSculpting

The V-SMOOTH pulses are designed to trigger signals that drive skin regeneration.The extremely short duration high temperature V-SMOOTH superficial heat shock pulses do not cause any irreversible damage to the skin, but send effective “danger signals” deeper into the skin. There are two effects of treatment with V-SMOOTH:

  • An immediate effect/High temperature (yet safe) thermal contraction of collagen, shrinkage and tightening, accompanied by slight erythema.
  • A delayed effect/improvement of the surface appearance of the skin due to the complete restorative reaction after 4 weeks and longer.

Lipolysis with the PIANO mode can reduce fat using the Nd:YAG 1064 nm laser. Other modalities such as Vanquish or CoolSculpting can be used to get rid of the fat as well. The V-Smooth gives a  very good tightening effect.

Treatment Type/Time

Time of treatment depends on goals of treatment. There is the combination of fat reduction by heat from the PIANO mode of the super long pulse Nd:YAG and tightening from the V-Mode Erbium YAG laser. The tightening is much quicker and can do larger areas than just the fat treatment. To do an area of Fat that is 20X20 cm would take 20min and the TightSculpting would be half the time.




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