StarWalker Hemangioma treatment

Image result for capillary hemangioma"The StarWalker laser is used for tattoo removal but can also be used to treat vascular abnormalities like hemangiomas and small red vessels, telangiectasias . The StarWalker can deliver a long pulse and make this short pulsed tattoo setting a long pulsed 585 nm laser much like a PDL. The KTP laser in the 532 nm range gives you treatment options to treat vascular lesions and pigment with various presentations. The KTP laser’s 532 nm wavelength corresponds with the 542 nm absorption peak of oxyhemoglobin.  The short wavelength does interact with melanin and thus precludes deep tissue penetration,but extended pulse durations up to 50 milliseconds can overcome this somewhat.

Some laser systems try to optimize the wavelength to 595 nm for better treatment of port-wine stains that are  refractory to treatment by 585 nm. There does not appear to by any statistical advantage  for  the 595 nm wavelength. Improvement in pulse duration is probably much more important. There are many other applications of this wavelength like Poikiloderma of Civatte in the header picture above, as a long pulse or the MaQX of the StarWalker.

The bottom line is when it comes down to color, we got you covered at Landmark! Hemangiomas and telangiectasias as well as the sun damaged brown pigments can be treated safely. We have the safest wavelengths of lasers to treat various colors in the shortest time possible.

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