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There are more expanding therapies from Landmark with supplements from Life Extension including diet and nutritional support. Dr Baber has always felt that there is no reason to add cost to patients if they can obtain quality products at a lower price. Fortunately, we have been granted by Life Extension the ability to sell their products at their best prices to our clients and patients. There is very good information that is focused on research and science available at the Life Extension web site. If you see something you like there let us know and we can give you our opinion about it in regards to your total health needs.

Resolve the Epidemic of Chronic Inflammation

Researchers have identified fatty acids that help restore tissues injured by inflammation.

By Kirk Stokel.

Epidemic of Fatty Liver Disease

80 million Americans are afflicted with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. A probiotic-prebiotic blend can reduce severity and stop liver destruction.

By Karen Newton.

Osteoporosis Accelerates Aging

Aging bones release inflammatory proteins along with harmful growth factors that facilitate malignant-cell propagation and contribute to vascular calcification.

By Suzanne Ramos.



Male Sexual Health

A ginger-like root was shown in a published study to improve sexual health in 61.5% of male participants in as few as 30 days.

By Michael Downey.

Restore Cognitive Function

In people over age 64, a unique sage extract increased memory performance nearly 60% and improved attention by about 2.5-fold compared to a placebo.

By Harry Fulton.

Reduce Senescent Cell Burden

Senescent cells accelerate old-age decline. Top journals report marked regenerative improvements when senolytics are used to reduce the senescent cell burden.

By Sean Field.

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