Balanced Hormones Protect

Balanced Hormone Replacement

The normal ovary produces abundant testosterone (T) in addition to estradiol (E2) and progesterone, but usually only the latter two hormones are “replaced.” Balanced Hormone replacement includes androgens (T) which normally inhibit estrogen-induced mammary epithelial proliferation (MEP) and thereby may protect against breast cancer.

In a study on monkeys, a small physiological dose of T added to standard estrogen therapy almost completely attenuates estrogen-induced increases in MEP, suggesting that the increased breast cancer risk associated with estrogen treatment could be reduced by T supplementation. Testosterone reduces mammary epithelial estrogen receptor (ER) α and increases ERβ expression. Think ERβ as better and α as awful.
In addition to the estradiol (E2) we recommend considering estriol (E3) as well.

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