NeoGraft 2000 FUE


Includes a graft for 2000 follicular units and two treatments with our PRFM, and 12 subsequent LED treatments, and Hair Medica products. See our Norwood staging to determine your need.

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Norwood Scale Class 3a-3 vertex represents hair loss in the frontal hairline and vertex area. This classification also includes early hair loss in the crown area. Those with slightly less would fall into the Class 3.

For those who are losing hair in the frontal hairline and the vertex area and possibly sparse in the crown, a moderate hair transplant (2000 FUE) is highly recommended. Restoring the frontal hairline gives a frame for the face, and filling in the vertex helps to restore density and volume. This can help you get your confidence back and give you a more youthful appearance.


Things you can start now like Propecia and Rogaine can be used to prevent future baldness. The laser comb or Capillus cap are also effective for hair loss prevention. There are many “laser” lights available which are actually LED devices. Those sold at the lower price range really don’t have enough diodes to cause growth. Additionally, our Hair Medica line also has products that can be used with micro-needling to stimulate hair growth. See our page about hair restoration methods and our hair posts,


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