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This plans allows for the base treatments with laser, but really with the option of two ablative treatments with either our CO2 or Erbium lasers you may just go for the hydrofacials. You could also use ablative lasers on the hands or decolletage.  The RF treatments are Exilis, Vanquish or Pelleve and can be a combination of up to 8 free. We use the Pelleve mostly for excision of skin lesions, but it can be used around the eyes if desired and indicated. Exilis is used on larger body areas for fat reduction, but it gives excellent results on facial tightening and cellulite control. Vanquish is mostly used for the Abdomen and flanks, and is a no touch, no mess way to reduce fat, plus even out lumpy areas after liposuction or CoolSculpting. Did we mention 8 cycles of CoolSculpting which has a $4000 value in itself. Four massages are included, and can be deep tissue or Swedish as well as other options, and for a full hour. PRFM is a fibrin Matrix made from your own platelets that acts as a filler but causes natural regeneration and can be used in hair restoration and collagen rejuvenation. LED uses the near infrared spectrum for skin rejuvenation and hair stimulation. Fotona’s PSO3 handpiece uses far infrared to restore hair volume and to some extent color (this has been our experience). There is no limit on these treatments other than normal intervals between treatments. Regular services are included as in the Silver plan; there is also 25% off ZO, Epionce, Bion, Jan MArini, HairMedica and SkinCeuticals products based on reasonable annual use. If additional fillers or neuromodulators are used, they are 10% off the procedure they are used in.


Comparison of Memberships

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Hair
$720/year $1200/year $10,000/year $15,000/year
3 Hydro or laser facial 4 Hydro or laser facial 4 Hydro or laser facial 4 Hydro or laser facial
3 RF tx*
3 Massages 45minϮ
4 RF treatments*
4 Massages 45 minϮ
8 RF treatments
4 Massages 60 min
8 RF treatments
4 Massages 60 min
25% off reg services** 25% off reg services** 2 ablative laser services 2 ablative laser services
10% off ZO or 15% Epionce or SkinCeuticals 8 CoolSculpting/Cooltone cycles 8 CoolSculpting/Cooltone cycles
2 Allergan fillers 2 Allergan fillers
2 Versa fillers 2 Versa fillers
100 Units Botox 100 Units Botox
LED and infrared laser LED and infrared laser
10 laser hair per area 10 laser hair per area
3 – 30 min vein tx 3 – 30 min vein tx
25% off ZO/Epionce/SkinCeuticals etc ®  services***
10% off Allergan/Galderma
25% off ZO/Epionce/SkinCeuticals/HairMedica
25% off reg services***
10% off Allergan/Galderma
Transplant 2000 FUE

*RF (Radio Frequency) include Vanquish, Exilis and Pelleve. They are a body area of treatment or in the case of Pelleve for excision not more than 7 of the same type of lesions (e.g. skin tags).

** Regular services include our laser service for full facials as well as tattoo removal or hair. Exilis, Vanquish and Pelleve are included. Using the Dynamis by Fotona, LipLase, Nightlase for sleep apnea and the 4D tx for mid face collagen are included, as well as treatment for muscloskeletal overuse and arthritis.

***Regular services at the gold level include Allergan products as well: Juvederm, Voluma and Botox. And Galderma Restylane and Sculptra. NovaThreads and Eurothreads are included as well.

ϮMassage may be replaced by the Hydrofacial or Laser with the ND YAG1064; so you could have 3 or 4 Hydrofacials and laser treatments in the course of a year, depending on the plan. Alternatively, you could upgrade the Hydro tx to include dermaplaning as well.



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