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Eyelash Enhancer Serum

*For all skin types

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How does it work?

The length of the hair in each part of our body is fixed and defined by our DNA, such as the length of the hair on our head, underarms, hands, groins, legs, lashes, browse, etc. without this DNA control our hair would grow constantly to endless length in all the parts of our body and face. Each one of us is defined differently by the DNA the same as that each one of us is unique and different from the others. This act of inhibition and control the hair growth and length by our body is done by releasing certain Phosphodiesterase that regulates the activity of the Prokinase A (PKA). By combining in our formula certain Phospholipids extracted from marine algae and unique Polysaccharides and peptide; we manage to provoke the activity of the PKA and the liberation of the active catalytic sub-unit. The result is beautiful long and dense eye lashes.


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