Laser Age Spot Removal


Green toning with the 532 nm wavelength is a very aggressive but low energy treatment to get rid of those age spots. Very sensitive and irregular areas like the décolleté can be treated in two sessions.



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The KTP 532 nm wavelength is used for the reds and brown pigments in tattoos, but it also is an excellent choice for “age spots” or solar lentigines. The beam is specific and superficial. The Nd:YAG 1064 nm is also used in this treatment to rejuvenate deeper at the collagen production level and neovascularization to revitalize the skin and help with redness. The energy has a photoacoustic effect that may stimulate osteoblast and bone growth in places like the face. Not only are the unsightly spots diminished, but with regular treatments there may be a replenishment of bone mineral.



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