Wrinkle Reduction Radio Frequency

A beginning and ongoing point is good skin care. We have multiple treatment options and can be aided by digital skin analysis for recomendations and follow up traetment.

Using the Pelleve RF (4 MHz) we can reduce wrinkles or use the energy to cut through tissue with little scar or problems healing. The energy cuts and cauterizes at the same time. Skin tags, moles, warts and precancerous skin lesions can be removed. Pelleve was an early RF device for skin wrinkles, but we prefer to use our Exilis (3.4 Mhz with US) by BTL that controls the depth of injury to fat. This can be very important with time, especially to the face. The Pelleve is soothing and works well around the eye wrinkles.

Our Exilis (3.4 Mhz with US) by BTL can control the depth of injury to fat, and can heat the tissues quickly. We have very good results in reduction of fat on the face, for those who have too much, but it is also a great skin tightening device with adjusting the treatment to be more superficial. We also have very good results with plumping the lips.

Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser can be used to give more ablation to the wrinkles with some restoration of the texture and color differences. Serums and follow up collagen injections, Sculptra, PRFM, PPPserum and neuromodulators like Botox can help the healing wrinkles.

CoolTone used magnetic stimulation to contract muscles, but the magnetic wave themselves affect tissue and is very good at cellulite reduction. The Exilis or the TightSculpting with Fotona can be  combined to give great results.


Exilis can be used on multiple areas of the body. This is an example of using the radio frequency energy to stimulate collagen rather than destroy fat. When we use it for cellulite on the legs we are actually targeting fat and collagen in two different passes.


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