Dynamis Erbium Nd:YAG


Figure 5. Cell signaling pathways induced by LLLT.

It is proposed that LLLT produces a shift in overall cell redox potential in the direction of greater oxidation [45]. Different cells at a range of growth conditions have distinct redox states. Therefore, the effects of LLLT can vary considerably. Cells being initially at a more reduced state (low intracellular pH) have high potential to respond to LLLT, while cells at the optimal redox state respond weakly or do not respond to treatment with light. (

Star Walker MaQX

The Star Walker also places “micro holes or FracTAT” in the skin to allow the CO2 to escape and prevent the scatter of the light beams that are necessary to get the pigment out. More passes in one session means greater pigment release, while still allowing for less tissue destruction and shorter intervals till next treatment.


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